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February 05, 2009


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Brandy Bell

In response to economical climate, and in an effort to be actively seeking more fans of our winery, we have displayed on our tasting menu that we offer a half priced tasting of our featured wine flight if you join our mailing list.
It has done wonders for our mailing list numbers, which in turn has garnered us more enthusiastic & satisfied customers!

I love my job.


Be aware, though, of the CAN-SPAM provisions. You need permission to send people email and while you can certainly gather this with a signup sheet on a clipboard, it's harder to prove to an ISP or email provider that they gave it to you that way (unless, of course, you keep the signup sheets). Either keep them or have a computer in the tasting room that's set to your email signup page.

Brandy Bell

we use a double opt-in program to guarantee only people who want to are receiving our information. Everyone has to sign their individual mailing list sign up, which we keep in an alphabetical file!

The opt in has proven to be a great way to not only ensure good delivery rates, but also to offer people another reason to hear from you!

We do also have an in-tasting room kiosk, but its definitely the biggest hit with millennials, other generations are still preferring pen & paper!

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