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February 10, 2009


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In general? 1 business day. However:

1) If the vintage is older I can see most staf not knowing and it's possible the winemaker or persons who do know are unavailable.

2) This is a reason to have notes for ALL of your wines on your site. Give initial drinking ranges and if you taste it years later, update the note. Make the stuff easy to find.

Morton Leslie

There is no reason a simple request like this shouldn't have an immediate response. This would be a perfect application for many of the imbedded AI automated interpretation and routing solutions available. You just set up some rules and you automatically parse and respond to such a request with a thank-you and either a list of all the wines and recommendations or a case based response.

For older wines, since you will never say "it's over the hill, don't drink it" you just have a nice way of saying "it's definitely ready to drink and if stored properly it is still tasting great."

Mike Duffy

I'm posting this e-mail from Grgich Hills on which I was copied:


I just read about your test of our response to a consumer question on when to drink that wine. I’m sorry we didn’t response as quickly as we should, but we do have a whole page on the website about when to drink our wines (which is the only wine we or any winery is really qualified to speak about) on our wine section. We even call it When should I drink my wine?


Best wishes,
Ken Morris
Communications and Marketing Manager
Grgich Hills Estate

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