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February 09, 2009


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Andrew Kamphuis


The link above doesn't seem to be working. (Not hyperlinked, and when I copy/paste the link it doesn't seem to work either - Firefox 3).

To answer your question: I read your blog via RSS - in Google Reader - however sometimes I see you in the twitter stream and click it there.



Link works fine for me. Thanks for making it so short! :-) You might want to have the option of more than one choice or rank from used and down from there. I checked feedblitz, because that almost guarantees I'll read it. I use Google Reader, too, and find out about blogs I don't know on Twitter and through Google alerts.

Mike Duffy

Sorry for the problem, Andrew. I tested it, and it worked for me (honest!). I'm glad Nancy confirms that. Doesn't help you much, though.

Nancy, I figure almost anyone will take the time to answer one question. So, I tried to make it one *good* question. I'll be interested to see the results.

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