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February 14, 2009


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Brandy Bell

mike, I did this two weeks ago with a twitter specific code for our shopping card and offered 20% to anyone on twitter who used my code. it worked great!
Everyone should be doing this :)

Bob Woods

First off, great post on how to use Twitter for promotional (sales/marketing purposes). You hit all the points I would have hit.

When it comes to Twitter, though, you should be careful about using your tweets (what individual Twitter posts are called) for just marketing and sales messages. Think about it: would you listen to a radio station that played nothing but commercials?

But if you mix your marketing/sales messages with the "character" of your winery, provide opinions, links to wine-related content, etc., you can become a real resource for your followers. By doing this, they'll be much more receptive to your promotional messages.

Excellent blog, BTW!

Online Shopping

A time limit prompts action, and limits your exposure as well. The promo code makes it work with your online shopping cart.

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