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February 03, 2009


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Brandy Bell

I am going to have to say no, we would not be willing to outsource our most important calls (our wine club members) to people outside of our company.

Our Wine Club members are called "Paesanos", and in Italian, it means countrymen, or friend. We would never turn down the opportunity to connect with them on the phone,email, or on our social networking site WineSpace for that matter!

In fact, we have even started doing In-Home Wine Parties for our wine club members- to get to know them better! So, in short, they are our customers, and deserve our attention, any time of the day, every day... that's what cell phones are for :)

Great Blog!

Cheryl Durzy

We do use Call for Wine and it has been a succcessful endeavor. Not only have they made sales, but we have cleaned up our database. They do an extensive training for their staff, so I feel confomfortable they are representing the brand appropriately.

I think here, in the outskirts of the Silicon Valley, we get jaded that everyone knows everything about Clos LaChance because of our web sites, blogs, facebook pages and twittering. Via Call for Wine, we have certainly learned that is not the case.

Patina Zee

Call for Wine was an ingenious idea - simple and much needed as most great ideas. Congrats!

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