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February 18, 2009


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Tracy Hall

Hey Mike!

Thanks for the great comments! You have a great question too.

The wine is 'racked' (pumped from each barrel into a tank) from barrels into one tank to make the blend. It stays in the tank anywhere from a day or two (for red wine) up to a couple weeks (for whites). The difference in time is used if you are going to cold stabilize or filter the wine.

They hook up a pump from the tank and run a line to the bottling truck.

Above the fillers (where the wine goes into the bottle) there is a bowl that holds about 15 gallons of wine. It has a float sensor in it, so it turns the pump on when the bowl gets low, and turns the pump off when the bowl gets full.

That way if the bottling line stops, the bowl will not overflow with wine being pumped in.

Great question. We get so focused on the actual bottling pieces we forget about the most imporant part... the wine!

Keep up the good work!

Tracy Hall
Selene Wines

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