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January 22, 2009


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El Jefe

hi Mike - I think you are spot on, in fact you may have been too kind ;)

The funny thing is that the front page has been saying "wine! wine! wine!" for so many months that I decided a change was in order. But I should always have something.

An interesting thing I got from looking at Google's Optimizer was that a little scrolling on a page was not inherently a bad thing - the most effective page in one case was the longer page. Obviously you don't want to have to scroll and scroll, but maybe the right emphsasis is to create a desire in the part of the reader to scroll...

(Another thing I learned is that my web site provider does not support the Google Optimizer. Something in their Content Manglement System doesn't allow it.)

All this is prompting me to consider a web site redesign. It has been almost two years after all...!

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