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January 07, 2009


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tom merle


I just want to send my best wishes for 2009 and my appreciation for your own blog. It provides an excellent resource, which should prove even more valuable as we ride out the economic tsunami growing in its destructive intensity.

Jo Diaz

Interesting read.

It's hard to imagine that a winery blog wouldn't have a link back to their own Website, though, isn't it?

There are still so many marketing disconnects behind great intention. Perhaps not having an in-house techie is why? When a company has someone whose sole position is to take care of all things that relate to technological marketing, then something as elemental as linking back to one's site won't be overlooked.

That day's coming, but in the slow to ripen wine business, that's going to take more time than we may possibly imagine.

Not a dooms-day sayer, here, just working with so many wine companies, I know that their focus isn't necessarily on the cutting edge, on the whole. They're focus is having consumers pull through their products, and the process is also as long as a season's brix reaching an optimal level for harvest.

El Jefe

Nice metaphor Jo!

It is surprising that there wouldn't be a link back to the winery web site. I fret a lot about how to get blog visits turned into web site visits and (dare I say it) conversions. Witness all of the links at the top of my blog that lead that way!

I think the problem is that it takes someone who understands both the tech side and the marketing imperatives enough to not overlook these elemental things.

(This post also makes me realize what a slacker I was in 2008. Time to get on it!)

Jo Diaz

El Jefe... Glad you like the metaphor...

Been in the business long enough to see that one materialize over and over again in bored rooms. ;^)

What's really ironic is that you're on the most "prolific list," but didn't proliferate...

Mike Duffy

Jeff, Jo:

Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog. I really appreciate you taking the time.

The problem is that smaller wineries, who have the most to gain from leveraging technology, are generally least able to afford a dedicated technocal resource. Certainly, Twisted Oak's success in using technology is a direct result of Jeff being a techie.

The hope is that companies like eWinerySolutions, Cultivate, and Inertia Beverages would, by virtue of a common backend and a standardized checklist of things to ensure, would eliminate the problem, but only a relative few wineries are making use of them. Most, for reasons of "penny-wise-pound-foolish", undertake it themselves, piecing together solutions or homebrewing an incomplete solution.

My pet peeve is wineries that engineer there own blog solutions (or do a bad job of integrating one from off the shelf), so that RSS is broken or something else just doesn't work correctly.

Anyway, thanks again for contributing to the discussion.

Judd Wallenbrock


Thanks for the special mention. I think something we've done that is a bit different is to bring as many of our team on board as authors allowing readers to really get to know not just the wines of Michel-Schlumberger, but the people...what I call 'cultural terroir'. I hope readers enjoy!

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