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December 05, 2008


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David Topper

Just keep in mind that "free shipping" is illegal for alcoholic beverages (yes, sorry folks, that includes wine). However, shipping included is fine.

Mike Duffy

Interesting! Can you point me to the relevant Federal regulation? Because Googling "free shipping wine" (no quotes) turns up a lot of people violating the law.

John Gavin

It's a CA ABC law, not Federal. Can't tell you the exact citation but if you go to http://www.abc.ca.gov you should be able to find it. Basically you can't give anything away for "free" but you can include extra product or shipping in your price, so it's pretty easy to get around; it just takes the correct verbiage.

Yes, many people are violating that law and many others, and they're getting away with it, for now. That does not mean that they always will.

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