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November 23, 2008


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Thanks for the mention of Donati Family Vineyard's WineSpace. We love your blog, especially the lazy Sunday editions.
Happy Holidays!

Dennis Grimes

Mike: Re. your Lazy Sunday info call fm wineries implementing social media sites - after attending WBC 2008 in Sonoma we quickly spooled up a unique guest oriented site for our Eagles Nest Winery & Cottage, Boutique winery in Ramona, CA.

Melissa Dobson (Melissa Dobson PR & Marketing, OWC/WBC} consultant for the New York state Finger Lakes wine region stated last week on our winery blog:

"…You have nailed the power of this platform, in my opinion. Intimate engagement with your enthusiasts. And the ability to share news and updates in a fun setting."

Our small winery sought a way to keep in close and timely contact with our valued customers and close winery friends after attending WBC we felt a blog was a promising concept. The members like the fun, humor, and educational aspects.

Several OWC members made favorable comments after reviewing our by-design non-traditional use of the blog site as an intimate, interactive newsletter. A newsletter "on steroids" as Joel Vincent OWC/WBC refers to it.

We also have a Web 1.0 website but we needed the blog to replace an old fashioned, expensive, and time late newsletter. The content generation workload between a blog and newsletter is similar but the timeliness and interactive nature of the (on our case, Ning based) blog hits the mark it for us.

We believe almost anyone with a reasonable IT tech background can implement a blog with the Ning technology. Joel's recent WBC 2008 was fantastic - it opened our eyes-wide to Web 2.0. Cheryl Wolhar (myvinespace.com) was key in assisting us. OWC is a good resource too.

Our blog site is private for invited guests only. However the concept can be viewed on the blog’s home page https://eaglesnestwinery.ning.com

Mike Duffy

Dennis: I'm sure that others will benefit from your first-hand account of your experience with Ning and social media. I'm glad to see people experimenting with new ways to involve and expand their fan base.

Andre Ribeirinho

we've just released a tool that wineries can use to participate more in social media: Adegga Producer Accounts

With these accounts wineries can communicate directly with fans who are following them and it integrates with several already existing media: a winery blog or online shop (if they exists).

Do take a look a let me know what you think.


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