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October 22, 2008


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It's interesting, I read your post and at first I was looking at the four types of visitors and I was thinking that really you have way more consumers visiting your site than you do have trades people and media, so I was thinking that really the website should be geared around consumers and people browsing more than trades and media.

However, the more I started to think about it tonite, the more I realized that really all four types of people are in general equally important. Trade and media may be a way smaller segment of your total website traffic, but they are way more important because they give you access to a much larger market.

Thanks for the post.



Great points!

I'd like to pipe in that AmericanWinery.com does have an e-commerce solution. I don't know that they've gone public with it yet, but there are a number of wineries using their WineStore. Purple Cow Vineyards, for example, has been making sales through this route.

It's a good looking solution in a market that can get too hung up on being catchy or trendy and loses focus on streamlined, easy-to-use interfaces. I'd suggest checking it out.

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