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October 02, 2008


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People also need to remember that #2 through #n DO bring in traffic. it's not #1 or bust. And that they should have realistic expectations, meaning 1) only one result can be #1. Several people might want it, but one will win and 2) some keywords are insanely competitive ("cabernet") while others will provide more targeted traffic AND are easier to rank for ("Anderson Valley Cabernet")

Arthur, winesooth.com

The way to get good google results without paying a cent is to have relevant content and make sure the major engines' bots have your site map to crawl through.



To the degree that creating the content is free, yep. And even if you pay for it by hiring a copywriter it provides ongoing benefits. Definitely something one should do. But that doesn't mean you should avoid PPC marketing. Take my example above, "anderson valley cabernet" - there's only ONE paid search result for it. Now, if I sell Cabernet from Anderson Valley, have a winery that produces it, etc. I could easily get top of page exposure for probably 10 cents a click. Write an ad (ideally with 2 versions of the copy so you can test) point it at the relevant page on your site (NOT the home page!) and see if it helps. $10 buys you 100 visitors... that's not bad and if you sell wine from the site and sell a couple of bottles out of those 100 visits....

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