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August 22, 2008


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David Topper

That's hysterical... the "Try It" button on usertesting.com doesn't work (as of 8/23/08). I'll be happy to send them a report "what would cause me to leave their site" if they wish... for free.



Mike Duffy

It appears you are correct - I verified the "Redirect Loop" error in Firefox 3 (at least from the home page). I've dropped the UserTesting.com people a note.

Darrell Benatar

The "Try It" button in the upper right navigation works now. We had just done a release and that link was mistakenly going to an http page instead of an https page. Sorry for the inconvenience. We're embarrassed. We'll certainly be more careful about quality assurance testing going forward. But, for the record, usability testing isn't meant to catch this type of problem. Instead, it's meant to identify what users find confusing or unclear.

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