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August 20, 2008


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el jefe

I've not looked into any of this, but I would wonder how the mobile bottling line I use would set up for this - the fillers, the twist off cap, even the label application changes radically with that small diameter. I'd also have to figure out package artwork that complemented the artwork on our regular bottles. Not a lot of logo space on those things...

We could hand bottle of course but that's a lot of labor for such a little amount of wine.

Not saying any of this is impossible, but I suspect for a small winery we'll continue on the way we have been.

ps: It may be illegal to give these away in CA. 50ml exceeds the allowable 1 ounce sample pour and may also run afoul of other regs prohibiting winery giveaways. More lawyerly types should chime in here.

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