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August 02, 2008


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David Topper

Note: Napa Valley Wine Radio (Goosecross Cellars) is a Blog and a Podcast. Both with RSS Feeds and the Podcast is available through iTunes and other Podcast aggregators as well.

David Topper

Another excellent directory may be found at: http://wine.alltop.com/

Tim Elliott

Windsor Vineyards has also recently launched at blog; check it out here:


That makes 94... when will we reach 100?

Mike Duffy

David: I agree that a written blog, an audio podcast, and a video podcast are all different. An excellent point!

Tim: Thanks for the pointer!


Good compilation. I clicked through all of them - there are some, who seem to be inactive for some months, or even years, but the great majority of the rest is worth a detour.

Some are even "international", as they come from wineries in South Africa, Portugal or my country, the South of France and are just written i English - but it's good, to have worldwide news about grapes and wine:-).

Personally, I like those, who have a more personal touch beyond: this is our wine, you can find it here and here and we have a special event at our place... which are News, you can as well put on your website. But by reading through the others (and just the latest postings, I felt very close to a great variety of serious and humorous people, who talk with sincerity about their daily work, pleasures and sorrows - with a special mention to all those Californian colleagues, who had to live at the fire front during this last weeks...

So thanks for the compilation and thanks here to all those, who write such interesting blogs about their daily passion!


Thank you so much for adding us to your list! I have been getting quite a few visits from it.


Most winery podcast's are lame. Goosecross's basically is just reading their sell sheets. It's amazing to me that so many wineries don't get the fact that people might want to comment on their product.
Too bad.

David Topper

Wow. The comment posted by John is written by a person who has NEVER listed to Napa Valley Wine Radio podcasts since those podcasts are never about Goosecross products (although they are mentioned from time to time for practical reference). Many of our podcasts include remarkable guest speakers such as Silicon Valley Bank, Scion Advisors, Peter Marks (Master of Wine), Culinary Getaways, Steve Sando from Rancho Gordo, George Taber, Darrell Corti, Marshall’s Farm honey, and many others.

A tremendous amount of time and energy goes into the production of a professional podcast and we purposefully named it Napa Valley Wine Radio so that it would not be Goosecross centric.

Fortunately, we have thousands of monthly subscribers that "subscribe" to Napa Valley Wine Radio on a monthly basis to benefit from Nancy's 25 plus years of experience in wine education as well as the thoughts and advice from other food and wine industry experts on various topics having nothing to do with our Goosecross wines.

Lastly, for those that wish to "comment" on our product... the wine Blogosphere is ready for those comments as well as the Goosecross blog and... all comments are welcome... especially those that come from an educated and constructive perspective.

Tim Elliott

Most wineries DON'T do podcasts... Goosecross is almost the lone exception. And what they have put out over nearly 3 years has not been anything close to a "sell sheet."

In my opinion, the problem is not "lame" winery podcasts but the lack of the genre.

Disclosure: I work with Goosecross and other wineries on social media projects and am a wine podcaster myself.

Shane Wilson

Great list, but I noticed you still have the inactive URL for the Stormhoek blog. It should be dot co dot za and not dot com.

Again. Well done for putting together such a comprehensive list.

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