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July 18, 2008


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Paul Mabray

Mike - we are listening.

Mike Duffy

Somehow, I knew you would be. :)

Andrew Kamphuis


In your opinion would a winery redesign their site for a mobile experience, or would they just ensure their website works on a mobile phone.

(Lots of sites like Google Reader have an 'iphone' version of the site, but I'm not sure that's the answer for the majority of wineries - I don't think ecommerce is that prevelant from a mobile phone in North America - not like it would be in Japan).


Rexibit Web Services

You couldn't be more true. Back 5-7 years ago splash pages were a great way to differentiate yourself. However, that was before phones and other mobile devices because a common way to get quick information. Your site should be accommodating to the largest type of audience. If you aren't you are loosing people who visit when they do get to a computer because they remember that experience.

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