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June 26, 2008


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Andrew Kamphuis

Do you have any conversion ratio statistics for winery based websites? I'm sure it's all over the board, but I was wondering how they would compare with other industries.

Marco Montez

I wasn't sure if I should ask for fear of looking like a fool (you say these are basic stats)... but I have no clue, so here it goes:
#1 is easy, but I'm wondering how one would track #'s 2 and 3...?


Google Analytics is a free and super easy tool to implement that will answer both those questions (and more). Ask the developer for your site to set it up for you.

el jefe

hey - I always like taking credit for great suggestions - if they are mine! Jeff from americanwinery.com is right, but he is a little nicer than me ;)

Google analytics are the way to go for sure. It will take a little time to learn how to display the data, but worth it.

Setting it up is fairly easy when you have access to your site files. Frankly, your developer has one strike if they haven't already set you up. Go straight to three strikes and they're out if they don't know how to set it up!

Good luck!

Mike Duffy

My bad. Thanks to Jeff (from AmericanWinery.com) and Jeff (from TwistedOak.com) for contributing their expertise (and opinions).

I would wager that Marco is not alone - lots of smaller wineries (and some bigger ones, too) fail to track basic metrics (and then act on them).

Mike Duffy

Andrew: I'm afraid I don't have any conversion rates information, but I know that knowledgeable people from Inertia, eWinerySolutions, and Cultivate read this blog and may be willing to share their experience? Paul, Dick, Eric?

Marco Montez

Yeah, Google Analytics is one of those things that I have heard a lot about. My winery is in the "building" stages and I will for sure ask my website designers to look into integrating it into the site. Also, my brother-in-law works at Google and he's a pretty tech savvy guy... he can provide me with some help I'm sure. Thanks all for the answers.

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