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December 31, 2007


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Mary B.

Well, that checklist is certainly tough, but it's good. The "Welcome to" part of my home site will have to go immediately. But I have a quibble about Question #2: " . . . how we're going to solve your problems." The wine industry is prohibited by law from advertising in any manner that even implies alcohol will solve anyone's problems. Do you think we can justifiably delete that question from consideration? Question #1, writing our site for the needs of its visitors, is much more pertinent, I think. I've been visiting dozens of winery websites this week as we are looking to add e-Commerce and a fresh look to our site--but it's amazing how few (if any) sites provide real customer service info such as cellaring recommendations, wine data sheets, recipes, and serving suggestions. However, after price shopping and discovering that these beautiful sites start at $6,000 for just 7-10 pages of copy, now I know why . . .


"Solve your problems" is a reference to my article "Biggest Mistakes in Web Design 1995-2015" where I stated:

Most people visit a web site to solve one or more of these four problems:

1. They want/need information
2. They want/need to make a purchase / donation.
3. They want/need to be entertained.
4. They want/need to be part of a community.

Sorry for the confusion and thanks for pointing this out to me.

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