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October 17, 2007


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Craig Justice

We are about winemaking for dummies, written by a dummy, to help other people avoid our mistakes. I'm looking forward to reading all of your links and posts (perhaps over Thanksgiving, after we get the bottling done). We started the website (www.winemakersjournal.com) in 2004, when we foolishly bought 1,000 pounds of Syrah grapes to make our first batch of wine. Today, I signed up for a blogging account with blogpost.com(3-years too late -- well, what would you expect from a dummy!). We will be working on redoing the website over the holidays to make it into a true resource for beginning winemakers and vineyard growers, so that newcomers may learn from our [often painful] mistakes, which include lessons like: "Don't trim your vines the first year!" I would appreciate your advice on what features to add to the blogspot account, so that we do it right (www.winemakersjournal.blogspot.com)In particular, I feel that if the blog is interactive, and includes posts from the pro-winemakers, then it will be helpful to those just getting started. Best wishes, from Craig & Bluey.


I checked out your list (which I am glad to know exists) and noticed you are missing a Walla Walla winery with a blog, Bergevin Lane Vineyards. Here's the link!


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