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June 03, 2007


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Virtual Foodie

Hi - great advice and excellent timing! I recently attempted to add audio to my website via Go Daddy's Website Tonight and I have a wonderful soundbite that I made myself and, apparently, it is at the wrong speed! Sounds great when I play it off the website but turns into chipmunks on it!



el jefe

One thing: I found if you do the audio control thing, it will load the whole clip. Probably not a problem at 40k, but a 500k hi-fi clip gets noticed by your readers (this I know because they told me!) In this case you may want to simply offer a download link...

Mary B.

Thanks, Mike! This is a great help. Sorry to take so long to respond . . . with wine festivals, vineyard work, kids getting out of school, it's been a hectic few weeks. I finally found out that the .mp3 file the composer sent was captured by Yahoo!Music Engine and that's why it wouldn't load as a pure .mp3. I have asked the composer to send me a new file, and I hope to get the file uploaded and playable soon!


Very interesting site ! Good work ! Congratulations :)

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