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May 13, 2007


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Mary B.

Thanks for the suggestion, Mike. I'll add it to my 2Do List and work on the idea. I think someone will beat me to it, though. I have enough trouble with a simple digicam, keep dropping it! ;)

In other news, I am still working on a cable television pilot. I have a filmographer, editor, and former "cable guy" marketer lined up, possibly even an original score. So I have projects . . . I have projects . . . zzzzzzzz.

Mary B.

I found a blog post on Business and Blogging: Time to Get Serious About Video


which references a more full length article. But $3,000 for the camera and set up? Yikes!

In more pressing matters, can you explain to me (us) how to go about uploading an audio link in Typepad? I have a 3 min. audio clip of a song inspired by one of our vineyards. But apparently I have only 1KB of allowed storage on Typepad, and the file is a little over 3KB. Should I just provide a link to the composer's iTune address? I would really like readers to be able to listen to the clip while reading the post that tells the story behind "Catarina's Dream."

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