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May 15, 2007


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Richard Shaffer

Great post!

I really appreciated your line that summed it up so nicely "Success depends on interacting with your fans".

In a wine world with 5,000 domestic wineries and only 400-500 traditional distributors serving 300,000 restaurants and millions of winedrinkers, small wineries are at a special disadvantage.

They really have to learn to market DIRECT to tell their unique story. I have a special interest in Israeli wineries and it's especially true for them, given all the misconceptions surrounding Israeli wine.

You're right - you can't just make wine anymore. People want to know who's behind the bottle and to interact with him/her.

Wineries need to own their story -- you wouldn't want someone else to propose to your girfriend would you? or interview for a job on your behalf??

Beth Hilton

Yes! The businesses do take similar approaches...and go hand-in-hand. I'm always trying to pair music promotions with wine companies...and now there are so many really affordable ways to gift free music to your customers to thank them for choosing your wine...from jazz to world to classical!

I'm seeking download partners for Omar right now...listen to him at www.omarmusic.com

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