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March 05, 2007


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I also write wine reviews. I try to focus of the 3 elements, I think people are most interested in. The bouquet, the taste, and the finish. I give lots of credit for balance as that will appeal to many. Feel free to check out my site for a feel of my reviews.


A case? I clearly have work to do...:)

Mary B.

Thank you for the mention, Mike! I hope to raise the bar for myself this year. There are so many things to consider . . . when you're a company blogger, you can quickly lose your readership if you only present the company line--new releases, events, etc. Blog-as-brochure syndrome. Blog readership is still not widespread, and those who do read and bookmark blogs expect in-depth articles, professional writing, passion and surprises. This would be a large challenge for a freelance writer . . . now imagine if you want to present a small business in its best light, sell a product in a competitive field, and have an award-winning business blog. New challenges for 2007 . . .

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