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March 04, 2007


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The more I think about this, Mike, the more it comes down to the point that perhaps you only offered half of what a winery might be looking for here. Once they get your report about what how their site stacks up with best practices, they might also want the service to act on this information. Maybe if you partnered with a web design firm and offered that side of the service you might get better uptake? Something to think about, anyway.


I agree with Tim - as a consultant, I know that a 'start to finish' service is what most people prefer even if they don't say so at the start. Your pithy reports must be received with mixed feelings by whoever the 'web guys' are who did the offending site!

Whether you want to take on the whole site building and renovating task is, of course, another question...I know I try to avoid it!


I think Ken and Tim hit the nail on the head. Let's say I'm a winery owner and I just paid somebidy $10,000 to design me a web site. Then I get your report that tells me what is messed up. Now what?

On the other hand, let's say I'm a geek and did the web site myself (hey wait, I did!) And let's say that I am secure enough in my manhood to accept constructive criticism. I am your niche... and the number of potential clients in this niche I suspect is small...

Dan Staehr

I am a web developer/designer who comes from a broadcast media background. I found your web site since it linked to the winery web site I developed, http://www.jamesarthurvineyards.com

I'm interested in your service, since I'm always looking for feedback, as is my client.

I'm curious as to how you decided to include James Arthur Vineyards in your list, along with several other Nebraska vineyards.

I applaud you for looking beyond California, Oregon, Washington and other "wine states".

How many of the vineyards in your list have actually paid for your service?

How did you arrive at your methodology in doing your evaluations?

Shouldn't those sites that have a web developer/designer doing the work for them also check out web metrics and some of the other items you use in your evaluation?

If not, then we (they) are not doing their job of working with their clients.

As you are aware, there is more to just putting some content up on the web.

I don't make wine, that's not my expertise. By the same token, winemakers shouldn't design web sites!

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