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March 18, 2007


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Well, Twisted Oak is a WineQ winery. I've decided to give them a try because it's easy and because it's an idea that has some unique aspects. One thing I've started is talking about the wine from another winery on WineQ that is made from the same vineyard as ours (Tanner Vineyard Syrah.) It's one way that WineQ members can "theme" their queue selections - in this case to taste them side by side. If WineQ can get their members excited about the wines and the different ways they can build a queue, I'll sell wine in ways that I might not have otherwise.


I don't quite understand why, as a wine consumer, I'd be willing to pay $5 a month just for the privilege of buying wine from WineQ. I can go to a multitude of other sites (both on-line and brick & mortar) and buy wine without a membership fee. I like to support small production wineries and in general, like the idea behind the WineQ website, but I can keep my own list if it means saving $5 every month.

Marshall from WineQ

JWG: For that $5 a month, you get unlimited free shipping on orders over $35. You won't find that at any other online store, and you'll probably spend that much in gas driving to and from the brick & mortar! :)

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