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February 14, 2007


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Patti Geib

What a gift you have given to Geib Ranch Vineyard by including us in your winery website report. We are truly grateful and your timing was perfect! The website has become the best tool I have to showcase our premium Sonoma Valley grapes, available for the first time in twenty years.
The website is also giving the grower relations/buyers, after a ranch tour, the opportunity to bring our Kenwood vineyard back to the winery to share with winemakers, owners and, if necessary,everyone else up the new corporate ladder. I have been told, it is helping the buyer with their job, as well.
The website itself, has directly produced several ranch tours, with more scheduled,and there is interest in purchasing our fruit.
We are taking to heart your great advice, updating our site with new harvest results and more clearly stating our call to action, mission statement, and contact info.
I understand your pet peeve, and we liked your idea of making "about the grapes" our home page. It would set us apart from others because I also feel it is unique. But, what this vineyard picture shows, is also a marketing tool. We grow our Zin, Merlot, and Cab Sauv grapes, on steep rocky hillsides, stressing the vines enough to produce excellent fruit; just what a winemaker wants to make fine wines.
I continue to appreciate the education you provide, and your insights on winery websites has been invaluable for us, as grape growers.
Nothing stays the same; true for our evolving farming practices, as well as our website! Thanks, again Mike!

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