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February 01, 2007


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I vote ahead of your time. It's been fun to follow along. I'd encourage you to keep a cache of that last batch of winery websites. It will make it easier to jump back in. I've a feeling they'll catch up to you soon enough.


Ahead of your time. I'm planning a web site overhaul soon and thought about actually paying you for it. Since I fancy myself as being slightly ahead of the curve, you must also be ahead...:)

Mike Duffy

Thanks, Adam and Jefe for the encouraging words. Much appreciated.

It appears that someone also passed this post along to Brad Feld, who had a short but succinct comment on the value of failure:


I remain deeply interested in the use of the Web to market and sell wine successfully. And like I said, it was a lot of fun!

Mary B.

Another vote for ahead of your time. Wineries spend more time and staff "communicating" to their clientele than any other retailer I can think of, yet they are neanderthalic in their use of online media. I predict the day will come soon when there is an explosion of interest in the Winery Web Site Report.

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