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February 05, 2007


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rick gregory


First off, sorry to hear the Report didn't work out as a business. My impression is that a lot of wineries don't view their web sites as sales channels, so investing in what is essentially a brochure may not make sense to them. Odd, since a small increase in direct sales will cover the cost of your service, but as Brad called out, they don't perceive this as a point of pain (or, I'd add, of opportunity).

Re the above... good analysis and points that can be used by many web sites, winery and otherwise/ The only change I'd make is to ask the last question first - what are they trying to do with the website? If it's an electronic brochure there's little evolution that will happen on most sites once they're up. If they want to have a conversation with their visitors, a lot of avenues open up (blog, newsletter, etc) and sales will tend to follow naturally, just as they do in a tasting room. My guess is that they have not really understood or bought into the conversation point of view since they have not been updating their blog. Hopefully they will.

Mike Duffy

Thanks for the great comments, Rick. And you're write - I buried the lead. The first question should always be "What are your goals for the site?"


We thought you might like some feedback on blog performance as a real marketing tool and the two lessons we picked up.
Our blog "hooked and landed" us a Radio Show to participate in - WSCS 90.9FM's "Kitchen Sink" program. They got to us by searching on blog tags that supported what insight they wanted from a winery for the show; natural or unique wine production.

So, Lesson One - It shows the importance of the tags you select, because without the appropriate tags in this case, Via Vecchia Winery would not have participated in this relevant piece of media exposure.

Lesson Two - get to know google analytics. It is a very absorbing piece of analytical functionality and provides insight into who is visiting you, from where and why. You may discover a "niche" or a trend. For example, we find that a lot of traffic our way is as a result of "organic" and "natural" wine queries hinting at where the consumer's mind is at. To capitalize on this, we need to emphasize these aspects of winemaking for our viewers to keep them coming back/ordering.

Mary B.

Wow, what a great evaluation. I'm going to print it out and go over my website, as I see I need to make several of the suggested changes.

Paolo, thank you for the comments on using appropriate tags. I need to expand my usual tag selections!


Prego, Mary B. If you want to correspond further on this feel free to email me directly.

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