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January 08, 2007


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Ashley Trout

Thanks so much for your support on the blog site.

I have spoken with the FTW computer programer and we are going to try to make the text and font clearer on the blog.

I, Ashley Trout, am the one that writes all of the posts. If you have any more suggestions, I am all ears.

Ashley and the FTW

Joseph Hasler

There is not enough space to speak at length of the proficiency of Ashley as a winemaker, and the excellance of Flying Trout Wine. Thus, to be brief, I will refrain from that topic, and will ask this question:

Ashley, Have you received your first shipment of "your" wine from Argentina? If you have, is it available for purchase. . . or, even a small taste? Sunny and I would love to try a sample of that vintage. Please advise.

Kind regards,

Joe Hasler
Spokane, WA

p.s. Thanks again for opening at 10 a.m. that morning in late May, for the tour, and the tasting. We appreciate all you do.

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