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September 29, 2006


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Mary Baker

Thank you for the compliment and the shout out, Mike! Actually I came here this morning to ask a question, so this is a pleasant surprise.

Question: What is all the hype about Technorati tags? I find it annoying to have all the search terms listed below a post, but am I old fashioned? Are Technorati tags effective?

Paul Mabray

Technorati tags are keywords assigned to a blog and they are very important. They help the world categorize your blog and allow people to search look in keyword categories to find what they need. For example, people looking for information on Zinfandel are more likely to look in the wine tagged blogs than in ipod tags. I hope this helps.

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---Paul Mabray - CEO

Mary Baker

Thanks, Paul. I should have been more specific. I do choose keywords for each post, but now the Typepad software has two separate boxes--one for keywords, and another for Technorati tags. What's the difference?

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