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July 22, 2006


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Dave Goodman

The other day I saw a banner ad with a link in large type reading, "Click here!" It struck me that I hadn't seen such blatent amateurism in awhile. It used to be, when the net was young, that every ad seemed to say, "Click here!" You don't see that much anymore, thank goodness.

There are always two sides to a transaction. What the seller wants, and what the buyer wants. "Click here!" is all about the seller. They want you to click, and they can't see past their own desire. There's no consideration of what a buyer might want. Why the heck would I "click there" if there's nothing in it for me?

Now, if an ad had a link that said, "Free wine!" you can be sure that people would click it. When you look up "Click here!" in the dictionary, it translates as "We want your money." That's not much of an incentive to click.

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