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May 13, 2006


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rick gregory

And, hence, one of the reasons you need to have site analytics hooked up and network monitoring going. For the former, Googgle Analytics is free if you use Adwords, so why wouldn't one use it?

Mike Duffy

This is definitely a monitoring issue. The AdWords link is working correctly, and an (error) page appears. But somebody isn't getting notified that the "JRun Server" isn't happy.

It looks like the URL may have gotten changed by someone unaware that the old landing page URL (https://store.lacrema.com/ ) was in use, as https://store.lacrema.com/LaCrema/ works fine.

Thanks for your comment, Rick!

rick gregory

You're welcome...

For site monitoring, people can contract with Keynote or Gomez. Or even get a technically minded friend to setup something like Splunk (http://www.splunk.com/). Heck, you can have a program like Xenu (http://home.snafu.de/tilman/xenulink.html)
check links. Basically, if your site is important to your business not monitoring it is like not alarming your store at night.


števec obiskkov

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