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April 14, 2006


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Interesting commentary ... we have a great Vino 100 in Kansas City and they are nothing like a franchised operation. 100 great wines for $25 or less is just the beginning! They carry over 200 wines with a focus on smaller production wineries from around the world. Their staff is very friendly and extremely knowledgable about their products and the wine industry in general.

Their web site (www.vino100-kc.com) is much different than the corporate cookie-cutters because the owners are marketing folks who own their own catering company as well!

I have been to a number of the classes, seminars and wine dinners and this is not your ordinary liquor store. The not only sell; they teach too! In fact, the appear to be thriving with a liquor superstore just a mile a way; a "make-your-own" wine shop 1,000 feet away and countless grocery stores with liquor nearby.

My wife and I attended their holiday party last night and were wowed by an amazing selections of wine to taste (they do a free tasting everyday) as well as the scotch they had open and the array of great meats, cheeses, olive oils and chocolates to sample.

We were only there for 30 minutes but the must have had 100 people in their boutique and sold thousands of dollars in wine ... they had two folks on the register as well as other staff roaming around to meet the demand. As you can tell we stop by quite often.

Before you judge the concept as a whole you should take the time to see what they (at least KC) are about at the local level.

If ordinary is what you are looking for (at least in KC) you have many opportunities at just about any liquor or grocery store... at our Vino 100; they are anything but!

Thanks for reading my rant ...

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