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April 13, 2006


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QUIZZWhy would someone visit your Web site? Trying to understand terroir's nuances from the perspective of a ridgetop ranch two valley transepts over, with different soil types
Why would someone visit your Web site a second time? Discovery of theory of winemaking and viticulture uniquely personal; history involving the interrelationships of other enologists, investors, patrons; learning about what clones work best in our areas; topics discussing new controversial or fairly unexplored aspects of growing such as canopy management, must handling, flavor extraction from storage containers, minimization of additions prior to bottling; excellence and depth of writing about one's own wine-estate sufficient to provide allure based upon opportunity to connect with a complex viticulturist-enologist effort as well founded in technology as in tradition.
Why would someone who visited your Web site recommend it to someone else? Exceptionally well produced visuals of vines, terraces, equipment; probing research vision in text; artful but understated webpage element layout; novel and useful links to community; currentness of information; newsworthiness of announcements and invitations; reflections of moments visitors share in images assembled around themes and chronicling events.

Mike Duffy

Thanks for the answers, John. What winery web site are you referring to?

Mary Baker

It does sound intriguing. Unfortunately, according to online searches, John is either an Australian pesticide researcher, a vet, or a wardog. I sure would like to see his site!

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