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February 10, 2006


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I'd like to chime in here as a consumer and a member of the local wine media. PLEASE UPDATE YOUR WEBSITES.

For one, the TnT group (twenties and thirties) rely heavily on the Internet for planning their weekends, researching things that interest them, etc. These are your future customers...they are going to be buying wine for another 50-60+ years. Cater to them.

And, as a member of the local wine press, I can tell you how frustrating it is to go to a winery website for more information, background info, etc...only to come up with NOTHING.

Of course the worst thing is that there are at least two wineries who have "contact us" forms that I've filled out at least a half dozen time...with no response.

Mike...do you measure response rate on those sorts of things? Could be an interesting item to include in your reports...either how quickly you hear back from a form or from an email link.

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