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January 25, 2006


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My problem with the chipperchip site is that it is so irreverent and off the cuff that I had trouble understanding what they were actually offering at first. With no introduction and a lack of cues, I had to stop and ponder, and I got annoyed.

Perhaps thats just me, but I don't think so. I don't want to spend my time trying to figure out what someone is selling - I want to spend my time figuring out if what someone is selling is right for me.

Mike Duffy

Hi, Josh...

Yes, I've gotten some feedback about my mention of ChipperChip.com, and I'm certainly not holding it up as a example of near-perfection. My point is, I think, that most sites tend to be rather bland. That's why blogs are so welcome - the best ones (like pinotblogger) have an authentic voice to them, and that really stands out.

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