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December 13, 2005


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I'm going to put a link to your website on my blog because there are a lot of Finger Lakes winery websites that could benefit from your expertise. I am just surprised by the lack of attention that is devoted to updating winery websites. Today's wine buyer is internet-savvy and a website can be a huge marketing tool to grab and retain customers. I hope that you send out your email to all of the Finger Lakes wineries. I know that the winery owners and winemakers would probably say that they would rather devote their time to making great wine rather than a great website, but it seems to me that promoting and selling that great wine has to be one of the top priorities of a winery. So I commend you for your efforts to pull winery websites into the 21st century. Though you may have to pull them kicking and screaming. P.S. I am working on a blog post that I am posting by the end of the month that rates the best Finger Lakes Winery websites. I know it's proprietary information, but I would be grateful if you could provide any general ratings on the 70-some Finger Lakes wineries. Thanks!!!!!!! Finger Lakes Weekend Wino. http://fingerlakesweekendwino.blogspot.com

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