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December 15, 2005


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Adam DuVander

You could have a human evaluate the Web site upon purchase of the Report, or even upon request of the score. It would still be a lot of work, but you would know someone would see it.

Of course, it would be missing one of the best aspects of the Report, which is to see how your competition rates (via the online database access).

Adam DuVander

(My last comment assumes that Ingrid counts other Brithish Columbian wineries among her competition).

James McNally

Well, we're doubly excluded. We're a wine agency in Toronto, Canada. Not only are there no Canadian wineries in your report. There are no agencies/importers/distributors. I'm a full-time web guy in a company of 20 people (half in sales), so we're taking the web very seriously, and I'd love to see if your rubric would be different for evaluating our type of business. Thanks for your research and hope you can get the wineries to listen ("NO MORE FLASH!!!! PLEASE!! MY EYES!!).

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