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November 01, 2005


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Tom Wark

Thanks for the kind words, Mike. I can't let it go without saying your support is really appreciated!


Mike Duffy

Well, I just think it's silly. Makes me want to smack a lawyer or something. So, in lieu of that, I wrote this post.

tom merle

While tom is a sterling guy and you rightly lament the turn of events, as a advisor to wineries shouldn't you use this situation as a cautionary tale rather than just a gripe session. Wineries should always check for possible overlap. I think it is understandable that Fermentations, the store, wanted Mr. Wark to cease and desist. Another example: one group of wineries in Napa Valley, in forming a coop marketing enterprise, considered then discarded using ~artisan~ in the name since Jess Jackson has, properly or improperly made this generic term a proprietary term for one of his divisions.

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